A note from our founder-

I created Manifest Reiki + Herbs because Reiki changed my life and I felt a responsibility to spread its medicine. Through my journey, I have also discovered the healing power of intuition, connection, and self-compassion.

I am an energy healer, reiki practitioner, intuitive channel, and medicine maker. Through my work, I guide clients into becoming who they were birthed into this lifetime to be, to release their traumas, and raise their vibrations. I hold space via reiki sessions, long-term healing packages, and intuitive coaching. I share knowledge via reiki trainings, high vibration events, spiritual retreats + speaking engagements.

I've facilitated healing in my clients by way of: releasing residual effects of trauma, letting go of limiting beliefs, soothing physical pain, realizing their Higher Selves, developing self-compassion, manifesting freedom and love,

+ existing in their power.

As a practitioner (+ person) I pride myself on providing space for people to open up however they choose, in whatever way + time feels authentic to them. It is an honor to bear witness to another person's journey + I display this reverence by meeting each person with compassion, patience + flexibility.​

As a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, it is important to me to serve

+ collaborate with individuals in marginalized groups (reach out).

I've received training under the Dr. Usui lineage in Reiki I + II, and am currently completing an extensive Reiki Mastership program. In this lengthy training, I've studied various methods in deepening my practices by including: distance healing methods, tarot, planetary influence on energy, emotion coding, sound healing + advanced chakras.

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