A note from me to you-

Hi friend, I'm Cassie (they/she) + I spent most of my life trying to figure out how to help people without using my primary gifts because I was afraid they were too weird. Now I know from my work, a lot of us do this. I studied to be a psychologist, then a professor and finally landed where I am now doing all the things I do. I created Manifest Reiki + Herbs because energy work + plant medicine changed my life and I felt a responsibility to spread their medicine as best I can.

My role in this world is to translate for the most Ancient God. How that looks shifts + changes all the time as the work is fluid. I can offer you energy healing, intuitive counsel, herbal medicines, and support through transitions ranging from bringing someone into the world to saying goodbye + missing someone who left this plane. Check out my services to find what's right for you right now.






It would be impossible to outline all the ways I've worked with people, as the work is very personal + fluid but I want you to know that, if you're here, I've worked with people just like you + I'm as ready + open to working with you,

as I was with them. 

To scratch the surface, I can tell you- I've worked with people in processing grief over lost loved ones a lot. I do this by holding space, energy healing as well as connecting with their loved one who's crossed over if they show up. I've helped people process grief over endings, over being an outlier, over a lost childhood. I've helped people with releasing residual effects of trauma, letting go of limiting beliefs, soothing physical pain, developing self-compassion, manifesting freedom and love back into their lives, + existing in their power. I've supported clients through preventative care via birthwork + my monthly energy healing membership.  

As a practitioner (+ person) I pride myself on providing space for people to open up however they choose, in whatever way + time feels authentic to them. It is an honor to bear witness to another person's journey + I display this reverence by meeting each person with compassion, patience + flexibility.​

As a queer person committed to antiracist work, it is important to me to serve + center individuals in marginalized groups. To do this, I offer sliding scale services + an adjusted rate membership for BIPOC. I also offer limited popup services that change monthly to raise money for black individuals, families + black-led nonprofits. 

Photo by Tracie Barba