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Channeling Apprenticeship

New Moon to Full Moon Individualized Partnership

Into The Void

Returning To The Self Through Etheric Support, Creativity + Guidance

It is our time to extract ourselves from oppressive systems put in place to separate us from ourselves + each other. It is time to return home to ourselves, to ancient support + to the messages received from our surroundings, translated by our bodies + used to guide us to the full potential of our soul. We are all capable of gathering messages from our surroundings, connecting with the Spirit World around us + reconnecting to the earth. This is self development work via intuitive expression + growth.

Returning to this way of information we will be faced w internalized judgments that we’ve adapted from a society of denying this work bc we’ve been so deeply trained to deny the power of these truths bc it will set us free from the machine. We will come up against fears of how we’ll be seen, how it will feel for old parts of us to die + how we will go on w such expanded awareness + knowledge. You will be supported, held, loved + damn, even fed during this breakdown. I will be your guide, friend + firebreather. You will not be alone, in fact, you’ll realize how surrounded, supported, adored + empowered you are in this realm + other realms.


1 Month Long 

New Moon to Full Moon

Individualized Plan

Magical Gifts +



My job is to breathe fire into you when you’re cold, water into you when you’re dry, air into you when you’re still + earth into you when you’re floating. I will balance you +  keep you safe.

Things that may happen, depending on your intuitive coming undone, are as follows, but not limited to:

Training on protecting yourself when entering into this work

An energy clearing + blessing of your space

A trip to the cemetery to channel

Energy work sessions as needed

A supported creating of your home altar 

Days of creativity-where you’ll create with your body, in your preferred medium as a form of channeling

Singing ceremony/the medicine of voice + calling out

Dancing ceremony + the medicine of movement + calling out

Dancing to release

Dancing to call in

Honoring your bleed ceremony w blood magic + connection

Honoring your most psychic day of the month via your bleed

Gifts you may receive as part of this work together:

Herbal infusions to support your affected vessel

Books I return to over + over to ground me in my work

Ritual tools I use in my channeling work

Words of affirmation via poetry for your exact person

Dinners, Lunches, Brunches

After our month together has ended, you will receive a bag of tricks that will include tools to guide you in your work. This will include books, candles + other treats. AND we will meet or have a call once per month for 3 months post-apprenticeship.

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