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  • What is Reiki?
    Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing modality in which universal (rei) energy (ki) is channeled through the practitioner to the recipient. Although we all have this energy, a practitioner has undergone training + has been part of an attunement ceremony in which their channels have been cleared to be a great conductor for this energy.
  • What happens in a Reiki session with you?
    I like to set the tone by informally chatting with my clients about what is going on in their lives, minds, etc. for about 15 minutes before they get on the table. This conversation helps to get what is going on with them into the room. Once the conversation has wrapped up, the client gets on the table and I perform a bodyscan with my hands hovering over their body to detect which areas or chakras I may be drawn to based on heat or intuition. Each practitioner is guided by different sensations, and these are the elements that guide me. After the scan, I conduct the treatment for 45 minutes sometimes using crystals along with other natural elemnts such as wood and flowers, if I am called to do so. During the treatment I either lay hands directly onto the client or hover over them based on what they are comfortable with. Once the treatment is complete, the client leaves the table and we debrief for about 15 minutes, focusing primarily on what the client experienced, and what came up for them during the session. It may not be the case that the client is able to speak much right after the session and that is also absolutely okay! There is no pressure on the client at any time during any part of the session.
  • What should I wear to my session?
    Something comfortable! You will be laying down and closing your eyes, so anything you are comfortable doing that in, is perfect. Before we start the treatment part of the session, you will need to take your shoes and jewelry off.
  • Do I need to bring anything to my session?
    You do not, unless you want to bring water or something that you'll prefer to have during the hour we will be together, then you can just bring yourself.
  • Do I need to prepare before my session?
    You do not. We are meeting you where you are in this session, and no prep is required.
  • Is there any sort of aftercare I should know about?
    Yes! Be sure to drink a lot of water. You had your energy moved around and that is a big shift, so be sure to stay extra hydrated for the following day after you receive your treatment.
  • What will I feel like after my treatment?
    Everyone feels different! At the very least, you will feel a sense of relaxation. You may feel "out of it," energized, or lighter. These are all common sensations following a treatment. In the following days you may gain clarity or relief. I am always available by text if any questions arise between sessions as well.
  • I want to have a session with you, but Manifest is not wheelchair etc. accessible. Is there a way to have a session with you?"
    I apologize, I wish Manifest was physically accessible to all, but since it's not I will come to you for your session, or we can have a session outside! Please don't hesitate to connect with me, as it's my aim to serve all people interested in my services!
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