Protection Spell Candle + Mugwort, Orange Peel Rollie

Protection Spell Candle + Mugwort, Orange Peel Rollie


The protection spell candle is the beginning  + the mugwort, orange peel rollie is the end of the Fall Ritual created for you if you so choose it.


The protection spell candle has been dressed in pine oil + salt to ground your ritual in earth + ancient protection. If communing with the dead is a new experience for you, or even if it's a common practice of yours, it cannot be overstated that spirit communication requires you to be grounded + intentional, in order to be safe. This candle will light your way.


The mugwort, orange peel rollie has been handcrafted with mugwort + freshly dried orange peel in clear paper. Let it light your way into the dream world to receive messages already coming to you.


HOW TO: Light this candle when you're ready to begin your ritual + recite aloud:

"I call in only those who are in service to my highest + best good." 

Snuff it out after you've taken the Cinnamon Beetroot Oxymel. Relight any time you go into spirit communication or need protection in this realm. 


Use this mugwort, orange peel rollie (in clear paper) any time during the season to embolden your dream time with clearer messages from the spirit world. Have your journal by your bedside upon waking to capture the language of the resting.


*Using the rollie the same day you complete the ritual, not recommended. 


**Use this protective incantation each time before engaging with the spirit world: 

I call in only those who are in service to my highest + best good.





*Disclaimer: This product has not been evaluated or approved by the FDA. This product is not intended to treat, cure, diagnose, or prevent any disease.