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Terms And Conditions

Booking Instructions After First Booking

Upon booking first session, client will receive a code to be used to book all future sessions in the following months. Each month client will go to services page + book a single session using their specific code, which will waive the fee listed, as client has already paid via auto-debit. It is client's responsibility to manually book their session each month using this code, following their initial month of booking. 


This membership will auto-debit each month on the date of your first purchase, from the card used to purchase. By purchasing, client agrees to commit to membership for a minimum of 4 months, after which client can cancel at any time by emailing, with a minimum of 10 days from their auto-debit date. If client cancels before 4 months of membership have been completed, a fee of 50% of total remaining is required to be paid within 30 days of cancellation. If client cancels after 4 months of membership with a minimum of 10 days from auto-debit date - no fee will be incurred. 

Cancellation Policy 

A 48 hour notice is required for cancellations and rescheduling. In the event of a less than 48 hour notice or no show appointment, clients will be charged 50% of the total scheduled service. This means that when client reschedules, client will be required to pay 50% missed appointment fee in addition to what client has paid for scheduled service before rebooking. This is payment for the missed time as well as for the time of the rebooked session. In the event that client doesn't wish to reschedule, purchase of scheduled service will not be refunded under any circumstances. We appreciate clients' understanding + respect concerning our small business. 


We understand that sometimes being late is outside of everyone's control. However, we may abbreviate or reschedule our session. If client arrives late client will still be charged in full for the services scheduled, but may receive an abbreviated session. 

Rollover Sessions

If client misses a month of their membership, 1 missed session rolls over to the next month. The maximum amount of sessions available to client under this plan is TWO per month, supporting client's monthly session and one added rollover session. It is client's responsibility to book sessions before they expire.

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