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Cassie is intuitive, centered, and graceful. She created a space where I was able to work on healing and continue to center and work on myself. I would recommend her to anyone looking to heal or explore themselves more deeply. 

Alisa M .

Cassie really creates a safe space for her clients. The sessions I've had with her have helped to relieve my anxiety, and made me feel more grounded. With her guidance, I've learned how to implement healing techniques

into my daily life. 

Ashley C.

After the session, I couldn't believe how relaxed I was. It was better than a massage and I slept better that night than I had in months.

Yolanda D.

I had the opportunity to do a long distance session with Cassie during a time of transition in my life. This was my first time getting Reiki and Cassie made me feel safe and at ease through the entire process. After my session I felt in tune with myself and the energy around me.

Ashley B.

Cassie knows how to work with energies! With my eyes closed and in a slight meditative state, I could feel exactly the area she was working on (without her ever touching me). It was some powerful stuff! When we finished and Cassie was going over everything, I felt energized and thankful (what I wanted to focus on). She was SPOT ON with things that would be impossible for her to know. If you're looking for a safe, non-judgmental space to do some healing, this is the

perfect place.

Chelsea G.

I started seeing Cassie a few months ago and I felt myself changing from the first session. I've grown so much through our sessions, especially emotionally, where I needed it most. Cassie is openminded, thoughtful, and induces a sense of calm.

Jen H.

Cassie brings her gifts of empathy, warmth, and profound intuition to each treatment. She has provided a space where I've been able to embody and embrace my strength and power. 

Micah R.

Cassie is very intuitive and present in the space. She always allows me to process what comes up during treatment. She's helped me tap into areas of myself that I had neglected. I appreciate how I feel genuinely cared for and nurtured by Cassie.

Maria J.

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