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Energy Session Portrait

Energy Session Portrait


Receive a soothing energy work session from me, Cassie while artist Michelle Maroon draws your energy portrait. As I intuitively work in your energy field from Seattle, WA, Michelle will visually capture your energy during the session from Providence, RI. Michelle + I have practiced this many times for a collaboration over the past couple years + we wanted to include you in the power combo-pack of energy work + art. Think of it sort of like a tattoo, you get an energy clearing while capturing where you're at in your journey. 


Checkout Michelle's work at



I will reach out to schedule via email or text once you've completed your purchase.

The session will be 1 hour long + I will text you at our scheduled time when it's beginning + when it ends. Michelle + I will tap into your energy field while you relax uninterrupted in your space. During this time all you need to do is relax + receive, just like in any distance energy work session with me. Once your portrait ships, you will be updated with tracking info.


If purchasing for yourself, be sure to include:

-your email address + phone number for scheduling 

-your accurate mailing address so your 9"X12" energy portrait reaches you!

-which color you'd like your portrait to be from the options listed in the product images


If gifting this experience, be sure to include:

-your email address so we can send you the giftcard (pictured here, but it will be bigger so you can read it) to share with your loved one. This card includes all the information for your loved one on how to book their session. Feel free to print or email your gift to them! 

We're so excited to work with you + your people!!


**Michelle is pictured holding an 18"X24" example of a work from our collaboration.

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