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With Love + Gratitude

Hi Friends!

This blog post has been a long time coming and I’m honored that you found your way here! I'll be touching on my first experience with Reiki, the birth story of Manifest, what we offer + how we’ll grow. Let's get into it!

My First Experience with Reiki

I saw a flyer for Reiki outside of my acupuncturist’s office and didn’t know what it was. I was interested because it appeared to deal with the whole self at once, honoring the mind, body, spirit connection. I made an appointment not knowing what to expect.

The healer hovered over my chest and I felt energy rising up in me to meet their hands, which was a completely new + scary feeling. I felt a deep sadness swelling in my chest and it was emotionally painful but simultaneously soothing. Even though the pain rose in me, I was relieved somehow. As if a serene wave washed over me- I felt safe + whole.

After researching the heart chakra (the chakra that the healer focused on in my session), I learned that it's associated with love + compassion for yourself and others. At that time in my life I was deeply depressed + isolated. The more I read, the more I understood my experience of the session. As is always true of divine timing, Reiki found me when I needed it most. This was the first experience that delivered me to this ancient knowing of love inside myself. Before my session, I hadn’t realized I was carrying around this deep sadness in my chest. After the session, I let it go + my life was forever changed.

The person that I am today--attending events, sharing my truths, providing solace for others--was all beneath the blocked energy inside me, let out only through Reiki.

After some time passed I decided to get certified in Reiki myself. I was drawn in just like that, with that one session. The truth is, I had been searching for some "thing" my whole life and it became clearer + clearer to me that Reiki was it. I've always communed with nature, been obsessed with astrology + been the person that everyone goes to for advice. There's been underground themes of mysticism + healing in my life since the beginning. Reiki was the modality that allowed me to enter into my truth.


The Birth Story of Manifest Reiki + Herbs

With each level of study, I've tapped more + more into this vital part of me that had been blocked. The part that was connected to source, the part that just knew things, the part that wasn't afraid. I started studying plant medicine + knew that it was another ancient remedy that needed to be offered.

Reiki + Herbs both connect us to ancient knowledge. Reiki connects us to the ancient knowledge held in our own cells and and herbs connect us to the ancient knowledge held in the earth. At the end of the day we are one with the earth, so really everything is the same thing and whether we're learning about how to take care of ourselves, the earth, or even each other-it's all the same. Hope I didn't lose you there. As I gathered all of this information, I decided that I'd really go for this. I'd create a meeting place for people to learn how to take care of themselves.

Then, clients started finding me.

Yolanda Diaz Photography

The teachings + experiences I’ve had with this medicine are too profound to keep to myself.

I've witnessed Reiki help my clients to-

  • heal from childhood trauma

  • manifest happier lives

  • understand themselves more deeply

  • get in touch with their physical bodies

  • trust their intuition

  • meet their energetic bodies

  • show more compassion for themselves

  • reduce physical pain

  • reduce the size of ovarian cysts

  • meet their Higher Selves

  • manage PTSD, anxiety + depression

  • let go of limiting beliefs

  • step into their power

I give myself Reiki a couple times a week. This is very necessary as a light-worker, empath + healer. Staying in practice strengthens my relationship with my intuition, self-compassion + power. It allows me to be able to serve those that need me from a clear + energetic place.


What We Offer + How We'll Grow


We offer Reiki single sessions, packages, single sessions + packages for pets, a family Reiki package + space clearings. We also offer gift cards and are available for events.

In the near future, we will add tarot services + astrological readings to our menu. Clients will also have the option to signup for a monthly Reiki subscription. This is really exciting because we want to provide longer term care for people. This medicine is holistic + the longer you take it, the more you change from the inside out.


Our apothecary is currently stocked with our New Day tincture. It's a spicy, handcrafted, Reiki + rose quartz infused blend that was created with intention to protect against depression and waning emotional health.

Down the line we will build out our collection of offerings, including tea, salve, oil, and other handmade, Reiki-infused items. Each client inspires us to create a new blend tailored to their needs + we aim to share them all in our apothecary as well. If one person needs it, there are more who do, too.

We're super excited to release these offerings because we want you to be able to bring the medicine home + practice in your own sacred space. All of this is about helping each client honor themselves + discover what they need to flourish + manifest their deepest dreams.


We are currently working on the details of an energy healing retreat coming up Fall 2018 and will release all the details in our newsletter when the time is right! (Signup for it below!)


We love giving Reiki at events. It's all about spreading the medicine as far and wide as possible, and if we can share Reiki at an event with someone who wouldn't have received it otherwise, this is a good day. We have served at the San Diego Yoga Festival and Mothering the Mother held at Wild Willow Farm. We have future events lined up and will be adding them to our site shortly. Please keep us in mind for any event similar to those listed above, or any private event as well. It is all about spreading the medicine.

Please sign up for our mailing list to learn about new Reiki + apothecary offerings, retreat updates + event info, if you haven't already.

Thanks for reading! We are sending healing + love to each reader! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us as we’d be happy to support you back.

With Love + Gratitude,

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